Christopher Isherwood - Who Is Ramakrishna? 
Santa Barbara Vedanta Temple, March 3, 1957

At Swami Vivekananda's Annual Birthday Breakfast Celebration at the Hollywood Vedanta Temple, Christopher Isherwood Reads the Swami Prabhavananda Translation of the Katha Upanishad


A Newer Version Huston Smith & Vedanta St. Louis Vedanta Center, June 3, 2018



Huston Smith & Vedanta Presented at the San Diego Vedanta Monastery June 25, 2017


Huston Smith recounts his meeting Thomas Merton

This is an interview done by Phil Cousineau with Huston Smith. Phil asks Huston to tell the story of his meeting in India in 1968 with Thomas Merton, shortly before Merton's death. The interview was done in 2010 at the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery.

Huston Smith on aging


Huston Smith on Tibetan multiphonic chanting


Not a Monday Video. Aldous Huxley on the symbolism of the Nataraja 


DANA SAWYER is a full-time professor of religion and philosophy at the Maine College of Art and an adjunct professor of Asian religions at the Bangor Theological Seminary. He is the author of numerous published papers and books, including Aldous Huxley: A Biography, which Laura Huxley described as, "Out of all the biographies written about Aldous, this is the only one he would have actually liked."

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Dana Sawyer: Aldous Huxley and the Spiritual Mission of Art (Vedanta Temple, Hollywood, CA, 1/5/2003) a Vedanta Archives film

Dana Sawyer: Why the World Needs Vedanta (Vedanta Temple, Hollywood, CA, 12/28/2003) a Vedanta Archives film

The History of the Swami Prabhavananda/Christopher Isherwood Translation of the Bhagavad Gita, a talk by Jon Monday at the San Diego Vedanta Monastery, August 28, 2016

Jon Monday, The Hidden Influence of Vedanta, San Diego Vedanta Monastery, 2012


Worship of God in the Form of Mother Kali, a film by Al Eshner



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